Monday, September 29, 2008

Tim Barosh Photo

Well, it's been a long time coming, but we're finally ready to get this project going! Tim Barosh Photo ( is now live and open for business.

I have always loved photography and have wanted to do it on the side for years. It just so happens that the price of gas and 3 little kiddos were the catalysts for me actually giving it a spin! :)

So yes, I am starting this business to make a little cash in addition to my full time job at this great church. If you're looking to categorize the quality of my work, I'd say this: "I'm not as good as the $6000 wedding photographer, but I'm better than your uncle Joe with his disposable camera from Walgreens."

I love shooting families, weddings, maternity, sports events, and birthday parties! You'll be able to purchase all your prints directly through my website and they'll be delivered right to your door.

To see some of my work, check out my website and my Flickr link to the right!

Shoot me an email at for any of your photography needs!


  1. Good luck, Tim. These rock.

  2. These pictures are great Tim!! Nick and I have a love for photography as well and have been doing it as a hobby for a while now. We just love taking really good pictures of our baby girl - and knowing how to! Good luck on the business :)


  3. Thanks ladies,

    Carissa, I talked to Nick about joining me on some shoots from time to time. Should be fun! I love your pics of little E!