Thursday, September 25, 2008

Praise Hymn Fashions

I've been eagerly awaiting the newest of the press and straight to my office mailbox.


  1. SHUT UP, that's too funny

  2. dude!

    I knew you had standards for the worship team, but man!

    That rocks! Praise Hymn fashion...

    What will it be next - The Chris Tomlin Lead Worshiper Kit "How to look and sound him in 2 weeks". Equipped with food menus, work out routines, bibles studies, worship orders, quotes for the stage, and a pair of lucky brand jeans.

    Did i go too far...


  3. Can I get a copy of that? I need to order myself some new worship leader garb.

  4. I gotta say, I'm not a whole lot surprised that you have a subscription to that.

    I'll be waiting for the picture you post of yourself and the team in matching silver metallic tops...

  5. Anonymous4:04 PM

    Uhhh so who's the babe?

  6. "Providing excellence in fashion and service for over 25 years"

    I think the tag line on the magazine is my favorite.