Wednesday, September 03, 2008

On My iPod

Here's what's in high rotation on my iPod right now.

  • Jimmy Needham (Firefly and Hurricane)
  • Glenn Hansard (The Swell Season)
  • John Mayer (Free Fallin' Live)
  • Colbie Caillat (Oxygen, Older, Battle, and Tied Down)
  • Amos Lee (Last Days at the Lodge)
  • Daniel Renstrom (Adore and Tremble EP)
  • Some Original Songs from this dude

What are you guys listening to?


  1. Okay, maybe I am just normal and boring, but the new Third Day album, Revelation is worth every last penny.

    Jason Mraz (Curbside Prophet)
    Old 90s dance tunes
    Flight of the Conchords :)

    Ooh, and podcasts from this cool church called Crossbridge. Made for some fun summer driving :)

  2. Jeannie, I'll check those out...except that Crossbridge stuff.

    You gotta at least give the two songs from Jimmy Needham a try. You would like them. Get to downloading.

  3. Alright so my Ipod broke but if it worked I would definitely be jammin to ....
    1. Mandisa- ALL of it! (AMAZING voice and GREAT lyrics)
    2. Brooke Fraser-"Shadow Feet"
    3. Chris Sly- "Empty Me" & "Communion Song" (good song for our communion..;)..)
    4. Shane&Shane... Really anything
    5. Cademons Call "Share the Well"


  4. numero uno for me is Matthew Smith's All I Owe. Can't get over it. Makes me adore my Savior more. Loving Sarah Grove's Add to the Beauty, then I'm with the Vanns re: Shane and Shane, and last but not least SGM's new one Come Weary Saints. Good as always.