Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Wake up, Wake up...

This past Sunday was one of those days where you look out in the crowd and just want to scream... "Wake up! We're here to worship the Living God Jesus Christ!" It didn't help that it was dark, grey and cold outside (I actually dig that kind of weather, but I think most people get lethargic). To me, it is so frustrating when you sit down with God to receive direction for Sunday mornings, only to find that people are less than enthused to go there with you.

Do I not have those mornings myself...of course I do. But how is it that you get 200 adults in a room together and 90% of them feel that same way on the same day? Then I look at the way we planned the morning and wonder...did we miss God here? OR...did our people miss God? Were we so complacent to whet our appetite for Him that we grew content to let moment by moment pass without pursuing Him? Why are we so prone to do that? Why do I find myself in other worship environments staring at the musicians saying "Play for me...show me what you got!" Instead, my heart should be saying "God, show us what You’ve got! We want to see You in all Your splendor and glory...knowing that we'll be forever changed by Your greatness!"

So back to this past Sunday...from a purely musical perspective. Did we as a team inhibit our people from worshiping? I can't say for sure...it was a strong morning on both the musical and sound sides. There were some minor errors, but nothing that I would characterize as distracting. We did dive into two hymns that morning...sometimes that causes people to be a bit less involved. But they were great versions of the songs, so shouldn't have hurt it too much.

Could it be that people are actually worshiping and being affected by the presence of God without any outward display of affection for Him? Often times when I have services like we had on Sunday, I will get numerous comments about how people "really connected with God." To that I want to counter... "what service were you in?" Then I realize, I have to trust the sovereignty of our God...he is moving on people's hearts in ways that I can't understand. Especially here in suburbia where people seem to be highly conscious of how they are perceived...I find people are less likely to express demonstratively what's going on their hearts.

So was Sunday a success or a failure...well, I imagine God was worshiped and people were moved to think about their lives in light of His Kingdom. In that regards, it was a success. However, I am also unsatisfied with where we are...I want our people to know the One we cannot fathom...and then respond appropriately. Louie Giglio says "we have tinny tiny worship because we have a tinny tiny God." I pray that wouldn't be true of us. I want to worship a huge God, One beyond comprehension.

So here we go again...another week. Another chance for us to encounter Him. I will set my face like flint, and I know that I will not be put to shame.