Sunday, May 04, 2008

Great and Not-So-Great

Well, I’ve been itching to get back to blogging, but it always seems like it falls to the bottom of my list during this newborn season. In the past 6 weeks, I have realized there are some great things about having a newborn…and there are some not so great things about it. Regardless, our new little boy Cash Harrison Barosh is a stud and I love having a son!

So here’s my list…

Great things:
• Meals made for us every night for a month! Thanks Crossbridge and thanks Sheila for organizing it!
• Swaddlers Pampers (These are the Cadillac of all diapers! And you only get to use them in the beginning cause they only go to size 2.)
• 2 full days at St. Luke’s Hospital. Best in Houston in my opinion. ☺
• That Purell clean feeling…kills lots of germs!
• A baby that only weighs 8 lbs…those days don’t last long.

Not-So-Great Things:
• When the meals stop coming
• Waking up after you’ve only been asleep for 20 minutes
• Shirts that smell like regurgitated milk
• They can tell the difference between you standing and sitting. Standing makes them stop crying…sitting makes them start. Why can’t it be the other way around?
• Sterilizing

Well, I’m falling asleep as I write this…I know there is much more, but I’m going to crash now. Hope to be back soon! For more pictures of Cash, visit my wife's blog.

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  1. I'm there, man, I'm there. The smell of spit-up lingers in the air, the standing, yes, that's so true!!

    And swaddlers -- we can't go through 'em fast enough. People bought us so many and I would hate to see any go to waste!

    Happy Baby Days to you and Mel and the girls.