Tuesday, May 20, 2008

American Idol 08

So, my thoughts are that this was a pretty lame season of AI. Honestly, after Michael Johns was voted off, I really stopped watching. I would let my wife fill me in. :)

I did however watch the showdown tonight between both Davids. I must say David A. did a pretty good job, though I favor David Cook much more. I know all the 10 year olds will vote David A. to be the next Idol, but regardless, Cook was a great contestant and I believe the better performer.

But if you look at the season as a whole, it fell quite short of the previous seasons. I don't think the show is losing its edge, I just think it's tough to hit a homerun 7 seasons in a row. I'll look forward to next year's show and in the meantime, hearing David A. on every soft rock station and David Cook on every top 40 station.

Side note: Did anyone catch Randy say that David A's first performance was the best of 2007?

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  1. I hadn't checked your blog in awhile and now I wish I had, especially during the AI finals.

    Michael Johns was the man, and I was so CHEESED when he left. I wanted to hear a lot more. And YES Carly and MJ ripped the roof off during the finale. I was thinkin' "Where was this Carly all year?" Amazing how relaxed and great they are when the pressure is off. THEY ROCKED

    So...just glad to hear great minds think alike...