Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I'm going on 3 weeks with this cold now. I shook it for a couple days last week, but it came back with a ferocity I can't explain. However, a couple of my questions to God when I see him will be:

Why is it that when I need to be sleeping, my cough is absolutely the worst? Why not in the daytime when I'm awake and going about my day?

Instead, you stay up all night just watching the digital clock on the microwave move minute by minute. (Yes that's on the microwave, because the couch is the only place that I can sit up and sleep with some sort of comfort!)<


  1. Sorry babe! I know you've been miserable (and my side of the bed has been cold)...miss ya and hope you finally shake this stuff!!

  2. maybe you've laready tried it, but you know the magic of Mucinex! I had a cough I couldn't kick and I was also miserable at night. 2 days after I started Mucinex I was a new woman.