Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Organization OverRated

So, my wife is probably the most organized person I know. She's second only to this lady. (My wife reads her blog religiously).

Now then, I am not known to be the most organized person in the world. I'm organized "in my own way" as I tell Mel all the time. However, I do have this unique and I believe "guy only" trait of remembering driving directions to places after only being there once. I don't know many gals that are good with driving directions. Especially when you start throwing north, south, east and west into the conversation.

So, back to being organized...my wife is. But every once in a while, it backfires on her. For the past 6 months, she's been looking for these Hallmark cards she knows she has. Basically, she buys cards on a regular basis, so they are ready to go when we have a birthday or a holiday that necessitates a card. Keeps us from running to the store last minute...I'm thankful, truly I am. :)

Last night, we're looking in the home office for something I'd misplaced, but that I know is in the office. She tells me, "look in that box up there on the file cabinet." I bring it down and you guessed it...2 shoe boxes full of Hallmark cards. I busted out laughing...they had been up there for over 6 months, "neatly organized," but completely unable to be found.

On another note, I found the thing I was looking for within a half hour and it was inches from where I remembered I put it. Stuffed ever so messily in a coffee cup on my desk with about a hundred other things. Most that know her well call her Monica. (Friends reference and precursor to my next blog post!)

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