Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Me and Ross King (Part 2)

So, I know it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. If you want to know the truth, the time that Mel and I usually blog has been consumed with watching season six of 24! Soon as the girls go down, we’re in bed and Jack Bauer is doing his thing. During the actual TV season, my wife and I don’t have the patience to wait for commercials, let alone an entire week between episodes. So, we watch 24 Marathon-style when it comes out on DVD. 2 more episodes tonight and we’re done. It’s bittersweet!

On New Years Day, my wife and I got a much needed night out! We actually went to a house concert that Ross King was doing here in the area. Just Ross and a percussion player. Though there was not one “worship” song in the evening, it was one of the more worshipful times I’ve experienced in a long time. Thanks to Pablo and Iris for the invite!

I got to chat with Ross a bit after the concert. The dude is about as real as they come and you can tell he walks with God. There are people that quote scripture when they talk – “Well you know…it says in Colossians 3 that…” Then there are people that scripture is just a part of their life. They can’t have a conversation without it somehow oozing into their vocabulary. There’s a humility in the way that they talk about scripture. This was my encounter with Ross.

We covered the entire spectrum from worship culture to multi-site churches. From our weaknesses as worship pastors to rock star worship leaders. It was good and honest conversation.

On a side note, I bought 15 of his newest CD “Perhaps I’ve Said to Much” because I want to give them away to some people. He’s addressing so many things that our church deals with and I want people to sit, listen, and think. I want the words to stir their hearts like they have mine. Like they did for Mel as I looked over in the middle of the concert and she’s in tears during the song Non-Religious Me.

Thanks Ross for a great night of worship through song and reflection.


  1. I could hang on to one of those cds for you...

  2. Yeah, I figured people would start claiming them. I'll get you one buddy. Only if you post the pics from your first CD on your blog. The one with the really blue eyes and the Elvis chops!

  3. Sounds like you have a little man crush on Ross King. Maybe you could name your son Ross King Barosh!

  4. Catherine said "little man crush." There's absolutely nothing masculine about those words. Pretty sure Ross would agree. :)

  5. hey tim,
    really, it's that frozen in Houston this year? :)

    did the land fam have their 4th baby yet? i can't remember what Kat's due date was...tell them HEY for me.

    Singing "captivate us" this sunday and i'm so excited i can hardly stand it. just wish i could phrase like christy, geesh.

  6. Hey Tim and Happy New Year!
    So glad that you and Mel got some time out together, and the way you spent your time... well it just doesn't get any better than that!

    Give the family hugs,

  7. I second the "Ross King Barosh"!!