Monday, December 24, 2007


Some good friends of mine and Mel's came over to the house last night because they desperately wanted us to see this movie. I'm glad they was incredible. Thanks Pablo, Iris, and Ernie! I immediately went to Itunes and downloaded everything I could and text my buddy Mike to share the musical wealth! :) The music is passionate and the lyrics are great. Here's a little montage from the movie Once...hope you like it.

Merry Christmas!

Note: If you do decide to rent the movie, be prepared that the first 10 minutes are littered with curse words. It gets much more palatable after that. :)


  1.'re implying there's something wrong with profanity??! i'm in trouble....

  2. Should be arriving today from Netflix.

  3. Just watched it last night and yes, it is incredible! I also downloaded the soundtrack immediately afterward.

  4. Monty and I watched it last night, we loved it. So authentic and yes, much like a documentary. We felt like we were watching their actual lives unfold. It's such a great film! Thanks for recommending it!