Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Worship Pastor Spoke

So I recently taught at our church on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Yeah, I know…save the 2nd lowest attended Sunday of the year for the worship pastor to speak! And the people that are there are still overdosed on turkey and pumpkin pie. Seriously though, it was a fun morning. I love our people and we had a great time together.

Anyhow, we spent most of the morning discussing worship, but not in a musical sense. One of my chief desires since we started Crossbridge over 5 years ago has been to help our people understand that worship so much more than the music we play or the songs we sing.

Since we live in a church culture that typically equates worship with music, it’s really hard sometimes to break through that mentality. I do it every Sunday morning as I say, “Why don’t you stand with us as we worship!” I feed the mentality that the music piece of the Sunday morning worship experience equals worship. So, I’m working on my vocabulary and I’m looking for other words to communicate similar meaning, but a broader view of worship.

We discussed our “working” definition of worship at Crossbridge that is sort of a hybrid of Harold Best, Tim Keller, and Louie Giglio all rolled up into one! This is what we stated…

Worship is our continuous outpouring response to God’s Self Revelation.

I could go into this definition a lot more, but it would probably be easier for you to either listen to the talk or pick up Harold Best’s book called Unceasing Worship.

One of the things that hit me the hardest as I was preparing for this sermon was that I never stop worshipping. Nor do I start worshipping with God. My worship merely gets transferred from a lesser god to the one True God. I worship. Every moment is worship. The Question is “What Am I Worshipping?”

So I’ve been faced with this question daily since I spoke…What Am I Worshipping? There is a war for my worship and someone is winning. I am giving all of my mind’s attention and heart’s affection to something or someone. Unceasingly. Outpouring.

What I’m finding is that these nonsense gods seem to get a lot of my attention…a lot of my worship. My worship to God (Jesus Christ) must be an act of my will. To willfully turn away, and turn to Christ. I still struggle.

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