Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Still No Baby...Yes I Watch American Idol

No baby yet...we're two days past the due date, despite what the little baby ticker on my wife's blog says. I think that 2 means 2 days late...anyhow, for more on baby stuff, check Mel's Blog.

Yes, I watch American Idol...regularly. It's sort of the water cooler talk on our Worship Team at church and everyone has their grand thoughts. What’s really funny is this...I am by far not the most talented musician on our team. Let's put it this way, I suck compared to some of the people on our team. But when Idol conversations come up, it's funny how everyone weighs in on their favorite contestants. Everybody has their rationale...and everyone's right. Then you see this sort of turn to me..."Tim, what are your thoughts?" Then I speak with the utmost American Idol authority that can be given to a worship pastor from God. And conversation is over. Either people don't want to rock the boat by disagreeing with me or it is true that God has imparted great American Idol discernment that cannot be refuted. I like to think it's the latter...

Anyhow, so I will weigh in now...last night's show was terrible. I struggled to make it through. I don't understand what was so hard about finding some incredible Beatles tunes (Strawberry Fields???) and doing them in a way that is at least palatable to the average joe. So, here's to hoping next week is worth the watch...


  1. Timmy,

    As a worship pastor you are the king of american idol. No one can argue with you on such topics.

  2. That's hilarious - and YES wasn't last night BRUTAL?? Even the Idol-love-child-David A. didn't light any fires in my opinion. I'm DYING for Michael Johns to just find his groove and get on with it.

    Checking your blog everyday for baby news!! Can't wait! I'm hoping to go before Easter, but we'll see what happens :)