Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fun With Friends

So our neighbors down the street came to hang out with us the other day. Our kids love playing outside together and it was a real treat this day. Terri and I turned around and her son had cuddled up close to our oldest girl sitting on my guitar case. So I ran and got the's the "little story" as it unfolded. Good times...thanks for coming to hang out Terri!

Now then, the younger one is a story all her own. I think the picture speaks for itself, but our little boy on the way better look out. This girl can hold her own.

(Yes, she really did pull those two boys from our driveway to the next one. She's a firecracker.)


  1. Timmy,

    The little guy is getting a little too close for comfort!

  2. what a fun evening indeed!

    how adorable!!!

    i understand your are prolly swamped now with your new addition...but when you get a chance you'll have to email them to me.