Monday, February 18, 2008

Chores After Kids

Not that I've ever been that great around the house in the first place...

But man, I really stink now that we have kids. I'll preface this one by saying I am not a night person at all. Truth be told, I could crash every night at 8:30 if this world allowed me too. :) However, I live in reality and it's a rare night that Mel and I go to sleep before 10:00.

That being said...there are many things that are piling up around the house that only I can do. Like, take the kid clothes stuffed, highly wife-organized Rubbermaid bins to the attic so they don't obstruct the walkway in our master bedroom. Or attempt to annihilate the growing weed population in my backyard. Put safety covers on all the outlets that have plugs (this is a big one cause I have to turn off the power to each outlet, then unscrew the current fixture, screw the new one on...etc). I need to clean the garage and add shelving to the laundry room. This is just the short list.

Needless to say, most of these are best achieved when the girls are sleeping. That means it either happens after 8:00 at night (the dead zone for me) or early in the morning before they wake. I used to have no problem waking early, but for some reason, I do now. Major sleep deprivation is my excuse. 5:00 a.m. this morning, I was removing caulk from our shower. I hate caulk. And it's like this mad sprint to get it done before the girls wake up.

Mel and I are so different...she will stay up to till 2:00 a.m. cleaning (like last night). I just look at her in sheer amazement, while I crawl into bed.

Overall, I'm still trying to learn how to fit all my house duties into my schedule now that the kids are here. They don't do well around weed eaters.


  1. Hey man you should try those plastic plug-ins for your outlets. We used them and they were very effective and easy. As for your weed problem and clothes bins, I wish I had some great words of wisdom for those things, but I usually have to trim the weeds and take old clothes to the donation center so I am feeling your pain right about now. But I would definitely try the plastic plug-ins.

  2. Thanks Nick Beam for the words of encouragement here. We have the plastic covers you are referring to. Trust me, they are everywhere! I feel like you have to have a knife to get those things out when you need to! The ones I'm talking about cover outlets that have things plugged into them already (TV, Radio, and etc.) This keeps our little one from pulling plugs out of the wall...not a good thing for a 20 month old.