Friday, June 15, 2007

The Good Soldier

Below is a video that is causing a major stir in cyberspace. It's from one of my favorite pastors Mark Driscoll. After watching, I'd love to know your comments. I may comment after everyone else as to not skew people's thoughts.

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  1. I think that not just as men, but as followers of Christ we have to a)know what we believe and b)be willing to fight for what we believe in. Bad theology has infected who we believe Jesus to be (point a) and how we handle adversity of any kind against that (point b). One thing that comes to mind is the thought of "Am I willing to have short term conflict for long term Peace and Glory?" That's what I think fighting for what you believe in is all about... and where I think what Driskol said about how men that claim to follow Christ fall short, is spot on. We/they want short term peace and are resolved to keeping it on the surface, get their voice up 3 octives and say "Everything will be OK, brother. Let me pray for you.." as some form of cheapened Grace instead of looking them in the eye and saying "What I'm about to say... you won't like." The non-Christians out there know when somthing is fake.. and the sooner we can start fighting to prove it.. the authenicity of that will draw people in to become growing followers of Christ.