Monday, June 18, 2007

God Spoke Through a Spinach Salad

I was recently at one of my favorite lunch time establishments enjoying what could possibly be termed the world’s best salad. Up until about a month ago, I really thought that a salad of this caliber only existed at one place called Café Express. However, that salad has now been trumped and is at a distant second in comparison to this one. I could go into great detail here, but let’s just say this is a man’s salad…complete with meat and potatoes!

Anyhow, I was sitting down with a book and my salad and enjoying each minute. I remember nearing the end of the plate and setting aside what was surely going to be the premier bite of salad…saving it for that last delectable mouthful. (If you like food as much as I do, this is a normal practice.) You want whatever the last bite is to just linger there for a while, not to be washed down by any sorry drink of water.

So there it was…the final bite, full of all kinds of goodies. I thought, I’ll read one more paragraph and then sit back and enjoy that small piece of heaven on a fork. Then it happened…while I was reading my book, the waitress dropped my check off and proceeded to pick up my plate and tell me that she was glad I enjoyed the meal. My heart, stomach and taste buds all sank at the same time!

I couldn’t stop her, cause then I would look like the fat guy that just can’t stop eating. Yet, I’m sure the utter disappointment showed all over my face… “I can’t believe she’s going to really take that plate…the last bite…the one I was cherishing…waiting for!”

And so it was…GONE! I left that restaurant very disgruntled. What was shaping up to be an incredible lunch in a great atmosphere turned tragic. Not to mention that the 2nd to last bite had only a green bean and a piece of lettuce without any dressing on it. Therefore, what was to be the 2nd to last bite became the last bite. So that’s the flavor that was left in my mouth…a green bean. How depressing.

Then it hit me on my drive back to the office…how often do I savor the word of God as I savored that spinach salad? (not very often.) Do I get as angry when something disrupts my time with God? (not usually.) Do I long for His Word to linger in my heart the way I wanted that salad to linger on my taste buds? (not really.)

We’re all so prone to finding greater joy in God’s creations than in the Creator Himself. I love that He thought of Spinach Salads with Meat and Potatoes…just for guys like me. However, my heart needs to find its satisfaction in His all surpassing greatness! I’m on a journey in that direction…I just have to watch out for the last bites of Spinach Salad that are destined to steal my heart’s affection.


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  2. Well, sorry, Jess, I really enjoyed it. As a total FOODIE, I love any point you can make based on a great meal, or a great dish.

    Send me a free copy when your book comes out...this is great stuff, man.

  3. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Maybe I should clarify...I was saying "blasphemy" about how he supposedly found a better salad than the Greek one at Cafe Express. No such thing...

    The rest of the post was great stuff! :)

  4. Tim, I love the message that you have here! You should be preaching in a church! :) What a great reminder of what being in the presence of our Lord should and could mean for us!
    Blessings to you and the family,