Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Core Issue

So this is a heated election and I have found passionate Christians on both sides of the fence (politically speaking).  As you can read on my wife's blog, we have been following Voddie's blog as he has been doing quite a bit of research on both candidates.  We are really trying to make an informed decision on which way we will vote.

What we have come to realize in our many talks about the election is this:  Our vote must be run through the filter of our Christian faith.  As soon as faith enters the picture, so does the infamous question of Pro-life vs. Pro-choice.  

I know all the statistics.  I know both the Republican and Democratic sides.  I know some say there are "bigger fish to fry."  But, the reality is that this issue will weigh heavily upon mine and my wife's decision.

When things get thick like this for me, I usually go to some of our current heroes in the faith for their thoughts.  Below is a video from a frequently quoted pastor - Dr. John Piper


  1. I read through Voddie's blog and found some of his language very concerning. As you mentioned, Christians fall on both sides of this issue and I would say that our goal as Christians should be reconciliation. Voddies's language (calling those on the other side of the issue "bloodthirsty") has divisiveness as it's intent not reconciliation.

    I saw the Piper video and agree with everything he said, but he's approaching the issue from a pastoral perspective and I don't think it answers the question we're faced with.

    People on both sides of the issue may agree on a personal decision regarding issues of life but the question we're faced with is a political one regarding the roll of government in enforcing our beliefs.

    I've heard Piper's sermons and he believes that abortion goes against God to the same extent that adultery or divorce do.

    So we're back to our question regarding the roll of government. Should government enforce my beliefs regarding abortion, adultery, divorce?

    I believe that the worst decision a person can make, worse than any of these things, is to reject Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, but do you think that it's governments roll to coerce everyone into that belief? That's the question we're faced with. That's the question we ask when we vote.

  2. Great video. I agree completely with Dr. John Piper's thoughts and conclusions on the issue. When I vote, I am voting through the filter of God's Word, my faith. Government doesn't need to "coerce" anyone into believing in Jesus Christ or that the Bible is the road map for life and our decisions as American's. I don't believe they can do that even if that was their intent. We all have been given free will to decide for ourselves where our faith lies and what actions we take and what principles we stand for. I agree that when it comes time to vote, our choice must be filtered through our Christian faith. How can it not?

  3. is a site that shares the truth of abortion on the black community, including statistics. I certainly understand Voddies use of "bloodthristy". is awesome for it's links and videos. And if you want something cool and entertaining go look at machosauceproductions videos on YouTube, especially "Why I'm a Conservative Republican" and "The Vote Reaper"!