Wednesday, August 05, 2009

I'd Love to Hear _____________ Sing That Song...

So the other day, Mel and I were sitting around talking about songs we love.  Conversation quickly went to "man I bet this guy would tear that song up..."  We often enter into conversations like this about people who can really sing...

Funny thing was, we had two different songs, but both wanted to hear the same guy sing them.  So it got me thinking, I wonder if I issued a little online challenge if I could get him to throw a little handicam video action our way!  

So, Mr. Chad Strader...I told her "Chad would be somebody he could do a bang up job on Piano Man" and Mel followed by saying "I was just thinking I'd love to hear him sing Easy by the Commodores."

For your preparation, I am including the videos that will help get you started.  :)

We'll be waiting...

Much love,

Tim and Mel Barosh

Easy -

Piano Man -


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  1. of course you can't substitute it and claim it is a benign pre-existing slogan or the same as the the song you sang in worship of Bill Simon when you were in first grade or kindergarten or pre-school or one of those things.

    This is what it is. What is disturbing is what looked like a single case of a very weird, if not deranged, teacher is now looking like a very common value held by the left.