Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Barber Shop Revisited

So when I first started my blog, I talked about Oscar's Barber shop and my experience there. Well, my days at Oscar's are gone. Why you say? Because I now have 3 kids, 1 less full time salary, and the last time I filled up my Jeep it cost me $65. (Cost me $28 when I bought it). If I can save a few bucks by changing barber shops, I will.

And I'm happy to say that I've made the move to the Richmond Barber Shop where I save a good $5 to $8 with each haircut. That's about $100 a year in savings.

I thought my last barber shop was for guys, but this one is in a league of its own. Let's just start by saying, the guy that cuts my hair is named "Colt." Give you a picture? Yeah, he's country. You can get your shoes shined as well or buy yourself a jar of honey. There's a life size cutout of John Wayne in the corner...along with a few other portraits of him. Footballs signed by Bum Phillips. Baseballs signed by Nolan Ryan. There's a hat rack...and guys use it.

It just so happened that the shop was full of patrons the last time I went. Not one of them under the age of 50...except me. But let me tell you some of the lines that I heard thrown around...ones you don't hear much in Suburbia. But our Suburbia borders Redneck Town, so the two collide every once in a while and it always makes for a good time! So here are some of the one-liners I heard that day:

"Well, when I leave here, I gotta go spray my cotton."

"He was happy as a June-Bug"

"Supposed to feel like 104 today."

"You hear that old man __________ died?"

"It's hot, but we're still gonna run our trot lines this weekend."

These are just a few of the reasons why I love my barber shop. This is why I don't get my haircut at a "fancy" place in the mall by a guy named Sergio that swats me on my tail with his comb. There's no trendy music that I can go home and download on iTunes. No hair products called "Sexy" are available here. It's just a dude in a ball cap with some clippers and an antique cash register.


  1. You meant that you no longer get your haircut at fancy mall places right? Because I recall a story about you and a $50 haircut at some fancy mall joint.

  2. Yes, Roberto...you're correct. I used to spend that kind of money on my hair at the fancy mall joint. Thus the last paragraph of my post. Those are the very things that pushed me to move on back to the plain ole' barber shop. I'm not judging you for getting your haircut there though. :)