Friday, November 02, 2007


So Mel and I have come to the place where we have to begin deciding our "boy name." I have held on to the hope that this would be a no-brainer. However, that hope is fading as the name Cash is not even on Mel's radar. So, we decided to put this one out on the blogs for your feedback. A simple yes or no in the box below will suffice. However, if you would like to give your reasons why you think we should use this name, feel free to do so. :) All negative comments can be left at Mel's blog! You can vote in the right hand column.


  1. Is it really 50/50??? That's funny. Dude, you do whatever the heck you want. You just better teach him guitar at an early age and make sure he knows "Ring of Fire" by the age of 4.

  2. And it's still 50/50 nuts!
    Sorry Tim I have to be honest and I'm not a huge fan of Cash. To keep things positive here...if you decide on it, I'm sure I'll grow to love it! I do like that it's not overly common.

  3. I'm completely for you naming him "Cash". It's bragging rights for life.

  4. Tim, I am having trouble posting on Mel's blog but I wanted to make sure you knew my opinion for the name. I would use this simple rule of thumb in choosing a name...try to avoid having "sh" in both your first and last name. It just doesn't role of the tongue. Dont get me wrong, I love the name cash, but you gotta stick to the above rule :).

  5. Let me name him.

    Bono Barosh
    Elvis Cash Barosh
    Beethoven Barosh
    Ludwig van Barosh
    Wolfgang Amadeus Barosh
    McCartney Barosh

    But really, if it was up to me...

    Malo Barosh


    Santana Barosh

  6. I am in complete agreement with Mrs. Haskew up there. I liked the thought of naming him after Johnny, but yea, your last name ruin's it, buddy. Sorry. :)

  7. Man I am for it! I am trying to think like a 7th grader and how I would mock a kid named Cash and nothing is coming to mind. (except maybe "Bash", and that is kind of cool in itself! Really, am I the only person who thinks this way?) Would it be a middle name or a first name. I thik as a middle name you could get around the "sh" rule. Then if he liked it he could go for it and throw off the system and the doubters!

  8. Bruce & I both really do like it! Cash Barosh, has a really cool ring to it! I also agree with Jeannie, you HAVE to make sure he can sing AND play "Ring of Fire!" Bruce also said, he thinks the name Bruce Barosh sounds good... hmmm... what to you think?? Hee Hee! I also like the name Brad Barosh, Brad has a strong, yet nice feel to it...

  9. hmm...interesting name! But if he winds up having a lisp....

  10. So, I was just thinking, since no one above has mentioned it yet, how about " A Boy Named Sue"? Okay, enough of this! I believe this little boy is being blessed to be born to a mommy and daddy and sisters who will love him so well, that whatever he's named, it will be a badge of honor!

  11. I love how the results of the poll are totally different from the results on mels end.
    I'm gonna say no to this one. The obsession must come to an end.