Monday, October 01, 2007

Wrecked this Weekend

I have had a weekend where God’s just been hammering on me…here’s how it looked.

- Friday – reading two books in the same vein “Don’t Waste Your Life” and “Irresistible Revolution” (thanks Aaron and Jamie). Check these books out; they’ll rock your world.
- Saturday – ran sound for a missions banquet in the Galleria area. The lone survivor of a terrorist attack on some US missionaries in Iraq a few years ago was speaking. Her name is Carrie McDonnall. All I have to say is that she had 22 bullet holes in her body and lived to tell about it. She lost her husband in the shooting though. All this and she’s my age…literally looked like somebody that would go to our church. I told my wife I just stood in awe for a moment after she spoke…about 5 feet from her, seeing the bullet holes in her arms, missing fingers, realizing that was the closest I had ever stood to someone who was nearly martyred for our faith. Holy moment for me. She’s the real deal.
- Sunday – My pastor Chuck gets up and ends his sermon with two challenges. One: get involved with the Convoy of Hope in November. Two: join the Advent Conspiracy. Check these two things out…incredible stuff.

Here’s a quote from Piper that sort of sums up my weekend.

Why don’t people ask us about our hope? The answer is probably that we look as if we hope in the same things they do. Our lives don’t look like they are on the Calvary road, stripped down for sacrificial love, serving others with the sweet assurance in heaven (Matthew 5:12)! “You will be repaid at the resurrection of the just” (Luke 14:14). If we believed this more deeply, others might see the worth of God and find in him their gladness.

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  1. dude...couldn't be more right..."wrecked"... glad your weekend was so "good"