Thursday, September 13, 2007

What's On My IPOD?

Some may not care, but thought I’d share. These are the songs, artists, or albums that are in high rotation on my Ipod.

Robbie Seay BandGive Yourself Away – by far the best recording from these guys. I’ve listened to the whole CD, but now I’m just stuck on #3 called A New Day. Maybe cause it makes me think of my wife, but wow…what a good tune. My pastor read the lyrics to Beautiful, Scandalous Night in our service 2 weeks ago…powerful stuff.

Jeff JohnsonGlorious Day – The title track on this CD is great. There are some other good tunes on there as well, especially if you’re a Rascal Flatts fan. :)

Billy and Cindy FooteIf I Say I Love You – Just a single track available on Itunes. I heard it at a conference they did a while back here in Sugar Land. The song just grows on you. Not a lot of worship songs hammer down on obedience like this one does.

Matthew and LiziThe Meaning of it All - Great project from a buddy of mine down here in Houston. He and his wife Lizy make a great team. The title track on this one is really nice…if you like Watermark, I think you’ll like Matt and Lizy.

Spur 58Sleepwalkers – These guys are great. This is another album where I get stuck on a particular song…I really dig Ready to Love. I just loop it sometimes when I’m exercising. Great jogging song.

Bon JoviLost Highway – Laugh if you must, but it’s like a corridor to the past. My favorite 80’s band with all new tunes.

Kellly ClarksonMy December – The girl can sing…she’s pretty angry on this album, but the song Sober is incredible.

Sandra McCrackenThe Builder and the Architect – If you like Caedmon’s, she most likely wrote one of your favorite songs. Great rootsy type album, especially like I Boast No More and Rock of Ages.

Marc BrousardHome – Friend of mine got me hooked on this guy. The title track and Lonely Night in Georgia are the highlights of this album.

Half Past ForeverTake a Chance on Something Beautiful – I’m a big Chris Sligh fan. He has some great tunes on this one. My favorites are Know, Cry Tonight, In a Moment, and Tunnel Vision.

Guess that’s all for now…let me know if you have some new tunes I should add to my playlist!


  1. thanks for showing the love dude.
    The Damnwells, Jars of Clay - Good Monsters, The Decemberists, Cobalt Season

  2. Have you heard of Jimmy Needham? A friend from Florida told me about him - He's based in Houston.

  3. Aaron - been listening to Cobalt Season and the Damnwells today. Good stuff...thanks for the recommendation.

    Terri - Jimmy Needham is great. I've heard him a few times, I need to go ahead and get his CD. The guys on the worship team rave about him.

  4. Have you checked out Ray LaMontagne yet? Good stuff...

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