Wednesday, May 02, 2007


A buddy of mine blogged a while back with just a list of "why" questions. It's probably a short cut for blogging, but it actually is stuff that runs through my mind on a regular basis. Some of it might be spiritual in nature...other stuff is quite possibly just complete nonsense. Some of these...probably most of these, I don't have answers for.

1. Why am I fascinated by watching bowling on TV?
2. Why am I even more fascinated by watching fishing on TV?
3. Why did I not try out for American Idol?
4. Why are some worship guys weird? Really...
5. Why does there have to be conflict?
6. Why do I like food the way I do?
7. Why isn't Jack Bauer actually a real person?
8. Why does my Pastor keep putting books on my desk to read?
9. Why don't I start putting CD's on my pastor's desk?
10. Why don't I like to read like my Pastor likes to read?
11. Why are there worship conferences?
12. Why do I wish I lived somewhere else, but year after year I stay in Houston?
13. Why do I have a problem sitting still enough to hear God?
14. Why do we judge other churches and their approach to reaching people?
15. Why do we call the time before the pastor speaks "worship."
16. Why don't I try to teach our people that worship is more than the 15 minutes before the pastor speaks?
17. Why does lighting make such a big difference in my ability to connect with God?
18. Why don't some people like coffee?
19. Why do people like tea?
20. Why do I laugh really hard at Cingular, Geico, and Budweiser commercials?
21. Why am I not as perceptive as my wife?
22. Why didn't I buy stock in Starbucks like 10 years ago?
23. Why do people still "yahoo?"
24. Why am I certain that Google and Starbucks will one day merge?
25. Why don't I know enough about "code" to make my blog look the way I want it to?

Figure that's enough for now...I could go on for quite a while, so I might do this every once in a know, fills the gap when you haven't blogged in a month...if you call posting a video "blogging."


  1. hilarious stuff...2 favorites...why are worship guys weird (75% the ones on staff at churches are% weird and/or girly). the other favorite...jack bauer...totally true...he should be a real person.

  2. I think you should start putting CDs on chuck's desk.

  3. Let me help you out with No. man is as perceptive as his wife.

    There cross that one off your list.

  4. this morning at breakfast we rocked out to the crossbridge worship cds you made me. jonathan especially loves "here comes the king." just thought you'd like to know your rockin' filled our home this morning. sigh. miss rockin

  5. oh babe...I love you! :)