Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Do You Tip Your Hat?

I was totally blown away by a passage I read today by one of my favorite preachers. I am a Charles Spurgeon fanatic, so I love to chew on his writings quite frequently when I sit down to read.

Today he expounded a bit on Psalm 34:2

“My soul shall make its boast in the Lord; the humble shall hear of it and be glad.”

Spurgeon says that boasting in God should be a “holy glorifying and extolling the Most High with words sought out with care that might magnify His blessed name.” I love the line “sought out with care.” How often do we speak flippantly with words of rote and repetition about an awe inspiring God? How “boastful” is that? It’s more a tip of the hat…a lack of boasting…quite possibly boasting in ourselves because we’re glorifying our apathetic attitude towards a Holy God.

Instead, could we come to God with “words sought out with care” because we have sat and soaked up the presence of this infinite God we serve? When God comes and shows various facets of His character to us, it should increase our boasting in Him and the words we choose to articulate that. Our “worship vocabulary” should be growing in proportion to our relationship with Him.

The effects of boasting in the Lord are seen here in the scripture above… “the humble (down trodden, weak, struggling, hurting, poor, wavering…etc.) hear it and are glad!” Our boasting in the Lord has an effect on people…our worship to God helps move others to worship. But how many people are moved by a mere regurgitation of religious banter? Let’s allow our spoken worship to God to be influenced by fresh encounters that come from “tasting and seeing that the Lord is good!”


  1. This is powerful stuff! Thanks so much for sharing! I love this: "When God comes and shows various facets of His character to us, it should increase our boasting in Him and the words we choose to articulate that." I've recently experienced this in my life. It's amazing! God is truly Magnificient!! Many times I feel there are no words to express the overflowing love and joy He puts in my heart. It's times like these when only my tears seem sufficient.

  2. Well put thoughts. I am a worship minister as well and see so often, in myself and the congregation how flippantly words are said and sung. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. tell the truth bro...that's you in the photo right?

  4. hey man, i had a dream last night that we were back at Crossbridge! Ya'll were meeting in a different location and there were about 50-100 more people than I remember. Oh, and Chuck had lost all this weight -- he looked completely scrawny and unhealthy. I woke up feeling...sad. We miss Crossbridge a lot and the feeling of unity and warmth there.

  5. Spurgeon huh?

    I knew I liked I know why!!!

    Great word and reflection...very inspiring, especially for songwriters trying to serve their congregations well.