Friday, November 10, 2006

Sweet Vacation and Blue Christmas!

Well, vacation time is here! I'm not one of those guys that takes his 2 weeks vacation all together. I like to split it up into two "one week" vacations. The longer I am in full time ministry, the more I realize that I can run hard for about 5-6 months, then I need a break. So I typically do a vacation in July around my wife's birthday and another in November around our anniversary. I think if I ever took both weeks together, I'd probably start working midway through vacation. I just start getting the itch to get back to it after a week of so. Anyhow, I'm looking forward to spending the week investing in my family, getting some extra sleep, and hopefully seeking after God! I'm so prone to take a vacation from God when I go on a work vacation...I need much more discipline in that area!

I'm really excited about the Christmas season this year at Crossbridge. In December, we are starting a series called Blue Christmas. Our pastor Chuck Land will be looking at how anxiety, depression, and anger typically show up during this time of year. But more than that, we'll be looking at what the Scriptures say about dealing with those emotions. Bringing it back to the worship will be interesting to see how God works through worship this season. My prayer is that we will be pointing our people and those visiting to the God of hope that is Jesus Christ! In a season where depression and suicide rates are at a peak, my desire is that we paint the biggest picture of our God that we can! I don't think that can be done by singing Christmas Carols...White Christmas just doesn't do the trick. I'll save that for my other blog on how I struggle to put Christmas songs in the service during Christmas time. (I'm not the Grinch...I just have some strong convictions about worship and Christmas songs...we'll discuss it later!)

So, I hope to do some blogging over my vacation...but if I don't, I'll talk to all three of you that read this blog when I return!


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  2. ha ha ha, it looks like more than 3 people read your blog, dude.

  3. ahh..."Christmas" carols aren't really that, are they? I love em though bro, seriously. I first saw the movie White Christmas in 97 and I was hooked. But they have no place on Sunday mornings. Not because Sunday morning is anything sacred on its own. They have no place on Sunday mornings they same way they have no place when I'm in a room alone worshipping, or when I'm praying, or in the middle of small group...etc.
    It's Jesus - JESUS. At some point the desire to glorify him has to overpower the desire to make people comfortable. We desperately need to know where that line is and not cross right up to it...but not cross it.

  4. now you know I like the carols. but thats why I start listening to 99.1 after thanksgiving. I can get my more than enough all day long til christmas. I totally agree about sunday morning though. I know they are about Jesus, but if the only reason you sing the song is cause its the season and that's just how its always been done, then thats a pretty poor reason to do anything.

    and does anyone really really really worship to "angels we have heard on high?"

    if that person is out there reading Tim's blog, please speak up!