Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Turn it all off...

I find myself in this place on a regular basis…how do I train myself to be in a place to “hear” God? I want to be the kind of man that knows the sound of His voice. What I have been learning lately is that the more I am familiar with His voice in times of silence and solitude, the more I am able to recognize his voice when things in the world are screaming all around me. When both of my girls that are in diapers are crying…I can still hear his voice. When I’m in the midst of an argument with my wife and I’m fighting to get my way…I can hear His voice reminding me that our relationship is an illustration and that I am to love her as Christ loves the church. On the church worship side of things…the more I can hear Him speak in the midst of a worship set, telling me “say this…sing this…encourage them to worship me…don’t say anything…let them sit still for a second and soak Me in…

As I read one of Mark Driscoll’s articles on addictions to noise , I was reminded of just how important it is to find time to be in silence. Being a worship pastor, I am always listening to music…from secular to Christian and Broadway to Jazz…I love it all. Ok…I’m really not a fan of rap, but I do like the Fresh Prince of Bellaire. (Should have kept that one to myself!)

I am so prone to turn music on for the sake of “learning” what could be incorporated into the Sunday morning experience. But over the past few months, I have found my soul is thirsty for the chance to turn it all off. When I get in the car…it’s my little escape from all the noise and my chance to tune into God.

What more could we as Pastors have to offer our people than an intimate relationship with Christ? My pastor Chuck says he likes to come each Sunday with “fresh bread.” If I can’t hear God, I’ll have no fresh bread to offer our people…it will be stale worship that is based on past experiences watered down with time. But when I shut it all off…His voice becomes clearer and clearer. However, it is an act of the will for me to be obedient and put myself in environments where I can be quiet before the Lord. It won’t just happen.


  1. I feel you on the 'act of the will' part for sure. For reasons that could fill a book we really overspiritualize worship in certain ways. Not the act of glorifying Jesus, but process of 'getting to that place'. I've had weeks where every day I was praying for Sunday and expectantly longing for it...and it was amazing. I've had weeks where I never opened my Bible and sinned like a pro, yet Sunday morning I broke before the Lord and CHOSE to not back away from pursuing him...and it was amazing.

    There's no better worship enviornment than a room of people with leaders who earnestly desire Jesus.

  2. I can't believe you actually wrote "fresh prince of bellaire." dude, you got guts.

    nice to see your blog is healthy and kickin' - you and LandMan have to keep each other accountable.